General info
Readers are used to help correct the effect of presbyopia. It’s a normal process onset by age, characterized by diminished focus power to objects that appear close. It affects people over 40, almost one third of the world population suffers from presbyopia and needs reading glasses.
Product Line
A wide offer of reading glasses: quality and design in an array of styles and colors.

Full Rim Readers
Contemporary and elegant styles in a modern and fresh color palette. Its spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit.
Rimless Readers
This collection of rimless lenses includes lightweight and highly resistant products, they offer extreme comfort. Enjoy it’s fun eye-catching colors.
Feature Readers
This collection stands out for the unique technical attributes; high quality and design, with innovative functional patented feature.

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+1.50 +2.00 +2.50 +3.00 +3.50 Sun Readers
General info
Glasses that protect the eyes by filtering the blue light emitted from digital devices, preventing its harmful effects.

What Is Blue Light?

It is the light emitted by the latest generation of screens.

Symptoms of excesive use of digital devices.

- Eye Strain, redness, irritation or dry eyes.
- Blurred vision due to screen glare.
- Headache from repeated eye strain.

Glasses Features
• Lenses with UV400 protection.
• FDA and CE approved.
• Suitable for individuals of all ages.
General info
Consistent with the brand’s danish heritage and colourful identity, the B+D Sunglasses Collection has a fresh and fun attitude. With a strong combination of texture and color, and a broader selection of polarized and mirrored lenses, the product lines - Classic and Modern, are really worth checking out.
Polarized lenses are used in sunglasses to improve vision by reducing glare from reflective surfaces. They accomplish this by blocking the harmful rays reflected by horizontal surfaces such as lakes or roads.
By providing sharper vision, polarized lenses have become increasingly popular and are ideal for driving and sports. Our B+D Sunglasses collection features polarized alternatives for men and women in all lines, Modern and Classic. Gradient lenses now also available with polarized lenses.